Uploading your own app to Scappman

Support for custom apps is limited, please review this page

Scappman enables you to bring your custom applications to the party and enjoy all of our predefined automation logic.

To upload your app in Scappman, browse the Scappman portal and sign in.

Open the App Store and click "New App".

The upload your app UI has five steps that have to be completed.

Step 1: General information

Required fields:

Optional fields:

Step 2: Configuration

Required fields:

Optional fields:

Step 3: Select the file you want to upload

In step 3, you can upload the file that you want Scappman to package for you.

Suggested file types: EXE, MSI, PS1, ZIP,

Step 4: Installation Commands

The installation commands will be injected into the Scappman PSADT template. Some examples have been added for your convenience, but any PowerShell command will work.


Here are some examples for step 3 & 4

Zip file
File copy

For more information on PSADT install commands, click below

Step 5: Detection rules

On this step the detection rules that will be used by Microsoft Endpoint Manager can be configured. The script detection rule cannot be used in conjunction with other detection rule types and only 1 MSI detection rule can be created.

An easy way to get the MSI product code is by running either of these PowerShell commands:

Get-Package -Name '<AppName>' | Select-Object TagId

Get-WmiObject Win32_Product | Where Name -eq '<AppName>' |Format-Table IdentifyingNumber, Name

Substitute <AppName> for the Name of the application as it exists in Programs and Features

Scappman also uses placeholders that are replaced by the API upon package creation to simplify updates and changes.

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