Deploy your first app

This page will help you deploy your first application. You have two options: Default or Advanced. We recommend advanced to be able to use all our options.

1. Search & Select your app

Fill in the name of your app in the searchbar.

  1. Select & Read descriptions of the app.

A. Default deployment

Limited options with default deployment.

  1. Choose language

  2. Create desktop shortcut

Click 'Next'

Choose your assignment. Will be set to default "required".

Click 'Install'

We recommend to use the advanced option to get full controll over all the app options and assignments.

General view:

  1. Choose Language

  2. Choose Bitness

  3. Choose Desktop shortcut

  4. Control popup

    1. Number of days to perform silent update: The number of days to attempt silent updating before a notification is displayed to the user to close the application if it is in use. The timer starts when the application is created or updated and will be added on top of the update ring delay.

    2. Number of postponements: Define the number of times a user can postpone updating an application.

    3. Minutes before apps are auto-closed: Minutes before apps are auto-closed:


You can deploy every app without changing anything here.

You have the option to alter your install commands if required. Check the app vendor website for specific install parameters. For example: Custom install directory, Licensekey, ....

Click 'Next'

Update rings:

You can enable update rings for critical business apps.

Note: Installs happen always immediate for all groups, only updates are in rings!

Click 'Next'


For most applications you don't need another dependant app.

Click 'Next'


Now it's time to assign your app. Choose between:

  • Available

When you choose Available, we will create two assignments and apps. An available app and an update only app.

Note: We create a second update only app because Company Portal apps do not update automatically. Otherwise the application will never update automatically on the endpoint.

  • Required

We automatically install the app silently in the background without any user interaction.

Click 'Install'

Well done! You just created your first Scappman app.

3. Follow your application install

You can follow your app deployment when you go to the installations tab.

The status of the app will change from Queued -> Running -> Completed.

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