What is the difference between public and private applications?

At Scappman we differentiate 2 kind of applications.

Private applications:

Private applications are applications:

• where the sources can't be downloaded from the internet without providing personal information. • that require a license key or license file.

Private applications are not monitored for new versions, it's the customer or partner's responsibility to provide Scappman any resources for the initial packaging or any update afterwards together with a procedure on how to install the application.

Scappman can package these application but these are billable. Prices are listed in the platform.

Public applications:

Shall mean a publicly known and downloadable application without providing personal information, for which the installation can be automated and executed silently, supports disabling built-in auto-updates and for which the license agreement doesn't prevent us from making it available to Scappman's customers.

These are applications where Scappman has access to the sources on the website of the vendor. They are monitored for new versions and are updated by Scappman on the Platform. Public applications that do not support silent installs can only be requested as a Private app.

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