Why is there a Scappman pop-up

Before Scappman installs or updates an application, Scappman will first check if the application is running. It is designed this way because lntune's default behavior is to close the application without any notice to the user.

This can be annoying for users when they are using the application. For this reason, Scappman has added some logic (with help from the PSADT module) to overcome this issue. When we detect the application is running, the following pop-up will be shown to the user.

When the application is not running, no pop-up will be shown!

If we the application is not running, we install or update without user interaction.

Even though we tackle a technical issue, for the user it can be confusing to see a pop up of a brand they are not familiar with. This is one of the reasons why we let customers change the look and feel of this pop-up.

Read more here: How to add custom branding to the pop-up

The following actions can be done by a user:

Close Programs: This will automatically close the application(s) that are needed to install the update.

Postpone: Scappman allows users to postpone the update 3 times. Scappman has a separate exit code to detect postponements in the reporting. Intune will try each 24h to reinstall the update.

Continue: This button gives the power to the user to first close all his/her applications. When he/she has done so, they can click on continue to start the update. If they don't the message will re-appear.

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